How Your Business Can Be Helped By Mobile Development

Since roughly 65 to 70 percent of internet users are now searching from their mobile devices, if you are not gearing your marketing objective toward that direction, you are certainly missing the boat. People are now used to taking their smart phones, tablets, Androids and iPads with them, and that is where they go to do the internet, here is a good read by atlanta app developers that will tell you the methods to boost your business in this internet era.

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Search engine optimization is step one, but that is not difficult to do anymore since most applications for websites automatically format for mobile devices.

Now, many businesses are building apps for their business, so customers and potential customers don’t have to search, they can just punch the app and they are there. It just makes sense, as you will eliminate all of the distraction that comes from performing an organic search where everybody else’s ads pop up everywhere.

The idea is to engage your customers and potential customers so that they really get a lot for their effort. With the customer’s attention focused on the brand via the app, a company can roll out as much detail as they feel is necessary to keep a customer engaged. The longer that can happen, the less time the customer will potentially spend with a competitor’s site.

A good example is the app for Kraft Foods, called the Kraft iFood Assistant. The apps showcases over 2,000 different recipes, many of which use Kraft products with coupons and incentives built to drive more interest and engagement. There are also ways that the recipes can be shared via social channels with friends.

The focused apps make it more efficient and a lot simpler for a customer to relate to your company because various tools can be offered to direct customers to their areas of interest. The idea is to make their live easier because they can find what they are looking for on a mobile basis.

A very popular type of app is one that offers coupons. Imagine that you are a restaurant in a busy shopping mall, and when it gets close to lunch time, passers by get an sms text offering a great lunch coupon to your restaurant while they are shopping in the mall. All they have to do is show up, scan their phone when they pay their bill, and they save money. Or you could have phones in a 25 mile radius who were a a part of your coupon program, get a text that you are offering a coupon the next day for lunch, and your lunch traffic would certainly be better because of it.

The idea is to build apps that get your customer’s attention, and where you can make things easier, offer a discount today, or enhance your regular offerings such as a buy 1 and get 1 free type of thing.

People who are on the go, appreciate working from their mobile devices. With everyone glued to their phones or devices, it is now though of as normal to have merchants use that system for their promotional campaigns. So, if you haven’t already, you need to incorporate mobile marketing into your scheme of things.

Online Mobile Marketing Is Huge Business

Since I purchased my new smartphone it seems like each day there are a plethora of company trying to sell me something through social media. The online mobile marketing platforms are big business, which I get and actually appreciate since it has helped save me a lot of money.

Mobile marketing today is a multi-billion dollar business since smartphones have become mainstream. Each some new company finds a way to reach out to consumers in order to build up their brand. It definitely works if you are up on all the latest trends involving social media.

I am definitely intrigued by online mobile marketing and want to learn all about it. So far it has saved me and my family thousands of dollars whenever there is a fun promotion at one of the stores we love to shop at.

Most people I found out don’t even mind getting texts on their mobile device because they have opted in to receive them. Of course who doesn’t like receiving information on great sales in your area, right? Well my wife and I have found online mobile marketing to be extremely useful for our household needs and as of now, not turned off by the amount of ads we receive on a daily basis.