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4 link building techniques to follow in 2021 [Round-Up Story]


The rules for bonding have changed at a rapid pace and businesses have no choice but to follow the transformation. Google prefers websites that practice link building to rank higher in search engine results. Marketing experts turn their attention to link building. The best way to start your journey is to ask for backlinks and focus on quality. Cultivating relationships will improve the efficiency and quality of your link building efforts. Google’s core algorithm is now powered by a very sophisticated spam filter.

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Testimonials, blogging, and networking are some of the most popular link building techniques that have stood the test of time. The rules for bonding have changed at a rapid pace and businesses have no choice but to follow the transformation. Websites and online businesses looking to achieve popularity and high rankings need to accumulate refined skills, persistence, and the tools to adapt to rapidly changing trends.

In recent years, links have been promoted as a crucial ranking factor, and marketers and SEO experts who previously neglected links and focused on on-page SEO and content marketing are now turning to the link building. Why is that?

Google has also contributed to the popularity of link building by considering links as the main ranking factor, alongside creative and optimized content. Marketers and content creators today recognize that ranking without links is a challenge because Google prefers websites that practice link building.

In 2012, the link building standard was to add heaps of links to blog posts and articles to position websites on the first pages of search engine results. However, this strategy is completely unnecessary in 2020, as Google’s core algorithm is now powered by a very sophisticated spam filter. Today marketers choose backlinks with care and caution, as links can also be risky and can hurt their technical and creative credibility.

Let’s see, okay?

1. Request for backlinks

Collin Matthews, CEO and Founder of Cookwared, says “As a newbie in this field, the best way to start your journey is to ask for backlinks and focus on quality. For example, you can ask your friends, coworkers, relatives, coworkers and peers, social media influencers and even your clients who run their own blogs and websites and request a backlink. All you need to do is reach out to your professional and social circles and request high quality content links.

Make sure to avoid sidebar or footer links and instead focus on building up links in the content. Maintaining strict quality control is crucial when it comes to designing your link building strategy. Backlinks from websites similar to your niche and your content ideas should be strictly avoided.

Such links do more harm than good as they will take your readers to a similar website instead of adding value to your content.

2. Cultivate relationships

Wondering what relationship building has to do with bonding? Cultivating relationships will improve the efficiency and quality of your link building efforts.

William Cannon, Founder of Uplead, says “Today marketers, bloggers and content creators have great networking opportunities that allow them to network in the digital world. You can start by joining communities, social groups, blogs and forums that are related to your niche and your expertise ”

For example, the Link Building Experts Group on Facebook is an excellent and very useful platform for newbies and seasoned professionals.

Daniel Foley, SEO Team Member at HomeTree “Don’t hesitate to take the first step and start by making an interesting contribution to an article or starting a discussion with your own article. Actively participate in social groups and digital communities will help you gain visibility and quality backlinks. Most importantly, you will always stay on top of industry trends and insider news “

You will also be able to network and collaborate with creative people who share your interests and work in the same niche.

3. Creation of testimonial links

Julien Raby, CEO and Founder of ThermoGears, said: “Over the past two years, creating testimonial links has become an increasingly popular opportunity for businesses and content creators to collaborate and grow rich. mutually. Think about it; it’s a win-win. situation”

Julien added, “There are many digital marketing companies and agencies that will be willing to partner with you if you use your blog or website to discuss your experience with their products or services. This exercise allows businesses to tap into their audience and create the hard-earned trust of customers that is not inspired by their direct advertising initiatives. “

Bram Jansen, Editor-in-Chief of vpnAlert, said: “Linking testimonials provides a great opportunity to get backlinks and benefit from potential traffic to this website. The approval rate is significantly higher than most standard link requests. “

4. Work on your blog

Most marketers and businesses think that a blog post and a backlink is enough to get the search engine ranking they want, but this is not how it is done, especially during work. from a distance. If you don’t have a calendar to maintain a regular and immersive blog, don’t waste a single second of your time generating risky links and starting a blog. It won’t serve the intended purpose unless you are determined to work on your blog. But, when starting a blog, be sure to limit the word count because no one today reads the pillars of the texts. I would recommend using the online word counter tools.

A blog is a digital entity that needs to be kept alive through creativity, technical support, quality link building, and SEO skills. You can make the process easier and less demanding by creating a flexible schedule that allows you to post articles regularly. Focus on maintaining an immersive content and media strategy and tailor your content based on industry trends and your readers’ preferences.

It will take time, but your efforts will be fruitful and your blog will gain authority and audience. When it comes to blogging, content is king and your content strategy should be well structured, immersive, and useful to attract readers. If you have an active blog with a thriving readership, businesses and websites around the world will want to link to your blog.

This is by far the best strategy for gaining great backlinks without having to put in too much effort. Focus on the quality of your content and let the links come to you!

Final thoughts

Today marketers, bloggers and content creators have access to countless online directories that offer useful information to your readers and allow you to add quality links to your website or blog. . While not all online directories are useful and trustworthy, you can find many directories that are relevant to your niche or industry.

Writing creative and helpful guest posts is another great strategy to boost your credibility and help you build links that shed awesome light on your skills and website. It’s crucial to avoid glorifying your business or website in guest posts, and instead focusing on problem solving and offering information that makes your content useful and informative.

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