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6 Link Building Tips for Primed Entrepreneurs

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It’s no secret that if you want to rank well on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you need to make backlinking a priority.

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The more backlinks you receive from authoritative websites, the more trust you will have in the eyes of Google, the more traffic it will send you, and the more high-quality leads you will generate for your business.

The problem, however, is that most link finder and backlink checker tools are expensive, and when you’re starting a startup, your money is better spent elsewhere.

While much has been written about backlinking, not much has been written about backlinking for bootstrap startup founders. Here are seven backlinking strategies when you’re on a tight budget.

1. Become a columnist on an authority site.

While some experts will have you believe that guest blogging is dead, the truth is that guest blogging is still a viable link building strategy, if done correctly and consistently.

In the good old days of blogging, you could guest post, write it, and then move on to another website.

Today, writers like James Clear and Neil Patel aren’t just guest posters on authority sites — they’re columnists. Having a high authority domain linking to your website regularly can only mean good things for your rankings.

2. Collaborate with influencers in your field.

No matter what industry you work in, what you sell, or where you want to go with your online business, connecting and collaborating with influencers helps you get further, faster.

Why? It builds trust.

When your customers see you co-authoring a product, service, blog post, or resource with a trusted authority, it gives you social proof.

The more trust you have, the more likely other influencers will link to your content and, you guessed it, the better your Google rankings will be. Admittedly, it is not always easy or quick to collaborate with a mover in your sector, but the gain is enormous.

3. Create an epic resource.

Getting noticed in today’s noisy world is harder than ever.

With over two million blog posts published every day, the 400-word list posts that were once a staple of blogging are no longer enough.

To stand out, you don’t need to shout louder, you just have to invite others to come to you. The best way to do this?

Create an epic resource, such as an ultimate guide, case study, or research-backed report. One that demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and expertise and leaves the experts with no choice but to bind you.

4. Get interviewed on podcasts.

Getting featured on authoritative podcasts is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that it’s still one of the most underrated link building strategies in a marketer’s toolbox.

Here’s how it works. Next time you go to a podcast and you’re asked where listeners can find out more about you, instead of directing them to your homepage like everyone else, create an interview upgrade – a resource that adds to what you discussed in your interview, and direct them to that. Not only will you get more opt-ins, but you’ll also get a high-quality backlink from an authoritative podcast site.

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5. Do rreverse guest display.

We’ve all been there – spending hours tossing off guest posts only to wait days without a response.

With reverse guest posting, the roles are reversed. Instead of pitching to other authors, you invite them to write on your site.

Many bloggers have a page on their sites with a list of guest posts they’ve made. With yours added to the mix, it’s an easy backlink – one that requires minimal effort on your part. If you can’t get a big name to feature on your site, try someone in a niche who is looking to expand into new markets.

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6: Use ‘The Posterboy formula.’

Designed by Bryan Harris, The Posterboy Formula involves writing a testimonial for a product or service in exchange for a link to your site.

Think about it. Every business wants to prove to potential customers that their products and services work. It’s there that you intervene. If you get results from using a product or service, let the company know. They look good in the eyes of others and you get a high quality backlink for your issues. Everybody wins.

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Whether you are a marketer or a mortgage broker, you need to prioritize backlinking. Without it, your site will struggle to rank and your business will suffer.

As we have seen, backlinking does not have to be an expensive affair. You can get backlinks without breaking your bank or your time. You have seen others do it. Now it’s your turn.