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Black Friday Generator Deals: Cheapest Prices Today


Black Friday generator deals are popular this year for a variety of reasons. Generators and portable power plants are useful during power outages and blackouts, but we use them when we go camping, at picnics, at pre-game parties, and on job sites. If you’ve been considering the best portable chargers but want more carrying capacity, Walmart’s line of Black Friday generator deals can save money and meet various customer needs.

Black Friday Generator 2021 Offers

  • SNUGMAX Vickers 200 portable power plant – $ 120 was $ 200
  • Closed digital inverter generator A-iPower AP1500i 1500W – $ 299, was $ 340
  • Champion Power Equipment 2500 Watt Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator –
  • Champion Power Equipment 4,250 Watt Inverter Generator – $ 649, was $ 799

SNUGMAX Vickers 200 Portable Power Plant – $ 120, was $ 200

Why buy:

  • Portability – Weighing just 4.6 pounds, this device is light enough to take its 222 watts of backup power wherever you go
  • Diverse connectivity with the Vickers 200’s two AC outlets, two DC ports and four USB ports for charging or operating your electronic devices
  • Transparent operational status means you can know at a glance how much power is left
  • Multiple built-in protection technologies to protect you, your devices and the generator

Reliable convenience is the hallmark of the SNUGMAX Vickers 200 portable power station. Whether you need to run a CPAP machine, make sure you can charge your devices, or charge drones and digital video cameras, the 222 watts of stored energy from the Vickers 200 deliver pure sine wave current to protect your devices and help them run smoothly. This model has two 100-volt AC plugs, two DC outlets, and a total of four USB ports – three of the common USB-B style and one of the high-performance USB-C ports. An LCD screen on the side of the device displays the remaining power, with a residual power grid of five bars on which each bar represents 20% of the total charged power.

You can charge the SNUGMAX Vickers 200 with a 110 V household mains power supply or plug it into a vehicle’s 12 V power outlet (aka a cigarette lighter). Power cables with the appropriate adapters are included with the generator. Not included, but something you’ll want to consider if you want to reduce your reliance on the grid, or intend to spend several days away from other charging sources, is the Vickers 200’s ability to recharge with solar panels. portable. The built-in safety of this generator includes protection against short circuits, power overloads, too high temperatures and low voltages. This Black Friday generator deal means you won’t need to go without backup power and recharging when you travel.

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A-iPower AP1500i 1500W Closed Digital Inverter Generator – $ 299, was $ 340

Closed A-iPower AP1500i 1500W digital inverter generator on white background.
Why buy:

  • Compact and lightweight, it is relatively easy to transport this gas powered inverter generator with an operating power of 1200 watts and a maximum of 1500 watts for starting the engine.
  • Quiet operation reduces disturbance – 52 decibels, or the equivalent of a quiet street
  • 50% idle mode nearly doubles the runtime to 6.5 hours
  • Perfect for camping, tailgate or power corded garden tools

If you’re looking for backup during power outages or take the power out to the field when working, camping, picnicking, or picnicking, the A-iPower AP1500i Enclosed Digital Inverter Generator is a great one. choice and a good investment for times when electricity is more than just a recreational convenience. Gas powered inverters such as this model have two advantages over conventional generators. They can run longer with a given amount of fuel as they can run at a lower speed until the demand for power increases. Inverters are also quieter than generators. The 46-pound weight is light enough to be carried or transported when needed. This appliance should only be used outdoors.

Motors in electrical appliances need more horsepower to start than to run, which is why you often see two ratings. The AP1500i provides up to 1,500 watts to start devices, but settles down to 1,200 watts of continuous power. The extra power load does not harm the inverter when it is needed for a short time, but you would not want to use too heavy load for a long time because the built-in mechanisms protect your devices and the inverter. This model is called a “closed” unit because you cannot see the gasoline engine, but it is there. The motor and inverter use an oil warning light if you need to add oil.

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Champion Power Equipment 2500 Watt Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator – $ 479, was $ 569

Champion Power Equipment 2500-Watt Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator on a white background.
Why buy:

  • Extra power for home backup service or to operate devices and tools in the field in one unit that weighs just 39 pounds
  • With a full 1.1 gallon gas tank, this Champion model can run for up to 11.5 hours at 25% load. Because it is an inverter generator, it does not need to be running at full power all the time.
  • Relatively quiet at just 53 decibels
  • Ample wattage from two 120V 20 Amp household style outlets, the Champion has a starting power of 2,500 watts and can maintain 1,850 watts continuously. Can be paired with a second unit.

You gain power and versatility with the ultra-light 2500-watt portable inverter generator from Champion Power Equipment. This gasoline-powered inverter generator weighs only 39 pounds, but it’s good for 2,500 cranking watts and 1,850 continuous watts of power. You can combine it with a second unit with an optional parallel clip-on kit that comes with a 30 amp RV outlet and a 120V outlet. With just one unit, you can plug household appliances into the two 120V 20-amp power outlets with pure sine wave power – your utility company’s type. There are also two USB ports for charging your devices. This overall wattage is not enough to run your entire home in the event of a blackout and is not recommended for that purpose. But you could probably get a few important devices to work. Check the power compatibility and capacity of the main devices you want to continue to operate.

The Champion’s convenient carry handle is a plus when you want to move it around a job site or campground. The inverter contains 0.5 liters of oil and has a low oil level protective shutdown function. You will find many uses for this inverter generator when you realize the difference it can make in convenience, comfort, and recreation when you are away from home and outlets. If you are out in the cold, Champion cold start technology helps you operate it with the conventional recoil starter.

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Champion Power Equipment 4,250 Watt Inverter Generator – $ 649, was $ 799

Champion Power Equipment 4250-Watt Inverter Generator on a white background.
Why buy:

  • Versatility in a unit that is also useful on job sites, tailgates, outdoor events, camping and during power outages
  • 4 gallons of gasoline can run this Champion model for up to 22 hours
  • Sufficient power for a remote site or temporary home use with power outages. Plus, you can start it with a remote up to 80 feet away.
  • Expandability allows two additional inverters to be connected for more power and longer operation.

If you plan to party or use multiple power tools on the job site, this Champion model deserves special attention, especially with this great Black Friday generator deal. This inverter generator provides up to 4,250 starting watts and 3,500 watts of continuous running power. Connect devices or power cords to the Champion’s 120V 30A RV outlet or two 20A household electrical outlets. There are also two USB outlets for charging electronic devices.

One of the handy features of this Champion inverter generator is the included remote control, a wireless key fob that operates up to 80 feet from the unit. It features a recoil starter supported by Champion cold start technology. If you want to double your power, or more, you can connect up to two more inverters or hybrid generators with a capacity of 2,800 watts or more – an optional parallel kit includes a 50A RV outlet. A wheel kit included with the Champion 4,250-watt inverter generator makes it easy to move the 75-pound unit. This RV-ready inverter is 50% quieter and 20% lighter than conventional 3,500-watt generators, according to Champion.

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