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Brian Lettieri’s Rules for a Successful Link Building Strategy


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One of the most important tactics to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings is link building. Despite the common thought, reaching the top takes a lot more than just generating a bunch of random links here and there. Instead, it would be better if you created a great results-driven strategic plan to build connections that deliver quick, useful, and long-term results. Here are some rules from Brian Lettieri for creating a strategy that will ensure success.

Rule 1: Post high quality articles that organically generate links.

Mainly, it would be helpful if you could focus on creating high quality content that can generate backlinks automatically. The goal is to expand and improve your backlink profile with specific and relevant links from reputable sources. Quality content will be rewarded organically as reputable blogs and websites are eager to publish it and provide you backlinks in return.

Rule n ° 2: It’s best to avoid getting links too early.

Even if a link building agency’s mission is to get links for you, an expert won’t insist too much on gaining them too quickly. This is because the speed at which links are acquired is critical to the ranking algorithm. A high link speed can result in a Google penalty, and your site may suffer rather than benefit from the tactic. Likewise, acquiring backlinks is a terrible idea because it can lead to a penalty.

Rule # 3: To be successful, you have to be consistent.

While it is advisable to maintain a good pace for link building, consistency is also essential. According to My URL Pro, the best technique is to build quality backlinks slowly and steadily while targeting niche and high authority sources to get them. Constant efforts will go a long way in expanding your link profile, allowing you to rank high and stabilize your position.

Rule n ° 4: It is essential to adjust the anchor text.

As part of your link building strategy, make sure you meet the anchor text optimization requirements. Sure, you’ll be tempted to use SEO or branded keywords in the anchor text to gain ranking benefits, but diversification is key to building a strong enough link profile. Therefore, your team should ensure that the anchor text is well optimized by the recommended guidelines.

Rule n ° 5: Avoid creating irrelevant links.

Another tip you should stick to as part of your approach is to avoid irrelevant backlinks to bad websites. Examples are pornographic websites, sites that use black hat SEO, gambling sites, low content sites, and foreign language sites unrelated to your website. These may get you results early on, but they will end up with a Google penalty.

Rule n ° 6: Evaluate the effectiveness of link building efforts

While high quality link building should be a regular part of any plan, it shouldn’t be done without thinking. By taking the time to assess the influence of your backlinks on your site’s SERP rankings and overall traffic, you will be able to use future link building efforts in the most effective way for your website.

On Apnews, digital marketer Brian Lettieri covers link building, targeted emails, SEO, and other similar strategies. Following these link building rules we’ve discussed will propel your site to the top of search results faster than you think. The best thing is that following them ensures that you will keep your ranking high. As a result, it is advisable to work with an agency like Quantm Media that understands the intricacies of bonding and adheres to its ethics with dedication and integrity.