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Hydrogen generator tested on the Preston Western Distributor Road | Features

Costain and the hydrogen industry start-up, Hydrologiq, have successfully tested the use of a hydrogen fuel cell generator.

Located within the Preston Western Distributor project, a new road that will link Preston and south Fylde to the M55 motorway, the trial is the first for Lancashire County Council.

In line with the council’s carbon reduction ambitions, the results show on-site operations carbon savings of between 70% and nearly 100%, when powered by gray and green hydrogen respectively.

Switching from diesel to green hydrogen on a similar site could save up to 11 tons of CO2e per month.

Hydrologiq funded the trial through a Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Innovation Grant, which aims to support the deployment of hydrogen generators at real sites across the UK.

Benefits to the local community of using an EODev GEH2 fuel cell and in-battery generator include extremely quiet operations and the emission of water as the only by-product of its use.

According to the team, the trials also demonstrated that hydrogen could transform performance by reliably and efficiently powering the entire site, including offices, a canteen, a drying room, toilets and two refueling stations. for battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Benjamin Lindley, Director of Hydrologiq, said: “On-site electricity delivered via hydrogen fuel cell technology has the ability to make construction sites quieter, cleaner and healthier. The generator itself was running so quietly that a diligent security guard raised a false alarm that the power had been cut when he didn’t hear the expected rumble from the diesel unit. And, regardless of the hydrogen source, a fuel cell generator only produces water at the point of use, removing NOx and particulates.

“At Hydrologiq, we believe that the replacement of diesel with hydrogen will happen faster and safer if companies are open to collaboration. We thank everyone at Costain who worked with us to make this innovative deployment a success. Thank you also to our subsidized collaborators Blue Lightning Solutions and to our suppliers: the generator manufacturers EODev and the fuel suppliers BOC.

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