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They just wanted to keep their electricity on when their lights went out. But a local couple say when their diet plan got shorted, they contacted Solve It 7.

Something is missing from this place next to Donna and Jim’s house in Stoughton.

“That’s where the generator was supposed to go,” Donna said.

The couple put down an 83 hundred dollar deposit to buy and install one last February.

They wanted to have the security of knowing if the power was cut during the next storm,

their lights would stay on, the food in their fridge would stay cold, and they would stay warm.

“It was going to be a June install,” Donna said.

June is here, and July too – but not the generator.

Donna and Jim say the generator company blamed the manufacturer.

“We were told they had shipping issues,” Donna said.

Jim called the manufacturer and was shocked.

“Told me ‘we don’t have any shipping issues.’ She asked for an order number that we didn’t have,” Jim said.

So Jim spoke to the owner of the generator company.

“’Ah, good news. I found your generator. I said, ‘Did you find me a generator?’ He said yes.’ I said, ‘Is it the same as mine?’ He said, ‘Yeah, exactly the same as yours.’ I said, ‘Well, where’s my generator? And what is my order number? He said, ‘Well, that’s irrelevant.’ I said, ‘No, that’s not really irrelevant,'” Jim said.

Not having an order number made the couple nervous, so they asked the owner to cancel their order.

They say he agreed to pay them back.

But three weeks passed and they still didn’t have their money.

“It’s a lot of

So they emailed Solve It 7.

“We’ve been watching you for a long time,” Donna said.

We contacted the owner of the company.

He also didn’t give us their order number.

He said he would pull an identical generator from another job and give it to Donna and Jim.

That’s not what the couple wanted, and after some more negotiation, the landlord sent them this refund check.

“You are doing a wonderful job. We couldn’t have done this without your help,” Donna said.

“Thank you very much. Thank you,” Jim said.

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