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Stop linking my achievements to men – Destiny Etiko

The actress, Destiny Etiko, said she does not take seriously those who link her achievements to men. She said Saturday Beats, “It’s funny because I work for my money and I get good endorsements. If it’s easy for men to give money, then go get money from men. I work, I earn my money and some people like me.

“I just got a sponsorship deal with a Chinese company that sells sanitary napkins and baby diapers. When I make something tomorrow, people would say a man gave it to me. Let them keep on doing it. talk. Even if I don’t get anywhere, it’s always the same people who would say after all the movies I’ve done, I didn’t do anything for myself. I don’t want to take it seriously.”

Recalling how her mother influenced her decision to join the industry, she said, “My mother, Eucharia Etiko, started acting in 2004. She didn’t play major roles and her acting career didn’t only lasted three and a half years because it was difficult for her. that she goes to the set and comes back in the evening to take care of her family. Whenever we were on vacation, my mother asked me to follow her and hold her bag whenever she turned. I followed her three times and played in a few cameo roles. I also had minor roles as an adult but finally got a better role in 2012. 2015 was my breakthrough year as I started getting regular calls from people who wanted me present in their films.

The actress also said her childhood was difficult. She said: “Growing up wasn’t easy. My father was a school principal who was doing well and at one point worked in a company as a treasurer where he was accused of theft after the money he was asked to bring to the bank was robbed by armed robbers who attacked him on his way. My father had to pay for money he never took. This was a problem as we had to move from the apartment we were living in to a ‘public’ house. My mother had ceased acting and we began to live off the product of the shop my father had opened for her.

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