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This AI tweet generator predicts what Elon Musk will say next

While half of Twitter users are trying to figure out what’s to come as billionaire Elon Musk takes over the social media platform, the other half are keeping busy with a new AI tool.

Designed to create a tweet that sounds like it might be coming from the account holder, but isn’t, Tweet Hunter’s AI tweet generator caught the eye.

Google searches for “tweet generator”, “AI tweet generator” and “Fake Elon Musk tweet generator” saw a huge surge on Google as thousands of people rushed to try the tool, inspired by d other users.

What is the AI ​​Tweet Generator?

The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through a Twitter user’s previous content and create an image of the phrases and phrases they are likely to share.

The Twitter logo is displayed outside the Twitter headquarters on October 26, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Twitter users are rushing to test an AI Tweet generation tool online.
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Created by Tweet Hunter, a company specializing in helping Internet users grow and monetize their Twitter audience, the new tool allows anyone to enter a Twitter username and instantly generate a series of tweets.

The webpage explains, “Choose a Twitter creator and generate tweets with the same tone and topic with our AI Twitter tool.”

While many users rush to see what the tool thinks they might write online, others use the fact that you can produce suggested tweets for just about any user.

With the news of his takeover on Twitter, many people shared the result of integrating Elon Musk’s Twitter handle into the tool and sharing the fake tweets that predicted what Musk might say next.

As Twitter users continue to ponder what the future of the social media site will look like with Musk at the helm, AI-generated tweets based on Musk’s own words are causing laughter.

“This AI is accurate on @elonmusk,” said a Twitter user who had tried the tool.

Head of the startup Tweet Hunter, Thibault Louis-Lucas, tweeted“It’s been an exhausting week,” and explained that the company’s tweet-generating tool leaked and quickly ranked first on Google.

“We received around 250,000 unique visitors,” said Louis-Lucas Newsweek. “Building was more about fun in the first place, the goal was to help little creators find inspiration,” he explained.

When a few people liked the tool, Louis-Lucas thought it might be a good way to promote the work of Tweet Hunter. But after sending it to some people for feedback, it was suddenly shared on the internet.

“He burned our server,” Louis-Lucas said, “I don’t sleep to make it work.”

A reply to his tweet read, “This is what happens when you build an amazing free tool, and people can’t wait to share it with others.

How to generate tweets

Trying the tool for yourself is quick and easy. By visiting the Tweet Hunter website and accessing the Generate Tweets tool, anyone can add almost any username and click through to see what tweets the account might have posted.

Thanks to the huge and sudden popularity of the tool, at the time of writing, the site has imposed a limit on the number of requests users can make to generate tweets.

A message on the site read: “We’re getting a lot of traffic right now, so we’ve limited the number of requests you can make.”

It’s also not the only AI tweet generator tool, with other companies also offering tools, so before long deciding what to say online might become a thing of the past.

“The AI ​​tweet generator is priceless,” said another Twitter user after trying out the feature.