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Tory MP Marcus Fysh slammed for linking NHS Covid passes to Nazi Germany

The Tory backbench says England is ‘not a ‘papers please’ society’, two months after voting to force all voters to show ID in polling stations

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Omicron: Tory MP compares vaccine passports to ‘Nazi Germany’

A Tory MP has come under fire after appearing to compare the idea of ​​Covid passes to Nazi Germany.

Marcus Fysh is expected to be among more than 60 Tory rebels tomorrow when MPs vote to force many sites to ask punters for proof of a vaccine or negative test.

In September, Mr Fysh voted in favor of the Elections Bill, which will require voters to show ID at polling stations.

But today he told BBC Radio 5 Live: ‘You are segregating society on the basis of something unacceptable.

“We are not a ‘papers please’ society. It’s not Nazi Germany, okay? »

When told there was a “long road” between a regime that systematically murdered millions of people and taking a test before going to a nightclub, he replied: “It’s the end bottom of an authoritarian corner and that is why we will resist it”.

Adold Hitler watches the crowd at a Nazi rally in 1927


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Jewish Labor MP Margaret Hodge tweeted: “When will we ever learn?

“Let’s hope 2022 is the year we stop making flippant Nazi comparisons.”

Lawyer Adam Wagner, an expert on Covid laws, said: ‘This is definitely not Nazi Germany, where there were state-sponsored mass murders, ghettos, torture, death camps and the literal dehumanization and genocide of entire ethnic and other groups.

“Let’s not inadvertently trivialize this important debate with ridiculous comparisons.”

A smartphone displaying the NHS Scotland Covid status app



Labor MP Alex Sobel added: “Absolutely shameful.

“Perhaps Marcus may want to rethink his votes on stripping people of their citizenship, banning the right to protest and requiring ID to vote, taking away many of their democratic rights .

“Finally, only compare Nazis to real Nazis.”

Boris Johnson’s ‘plan B’ will ban those who are not doubly prickly – or ready to take a Covid test and show the negative result – from certain venues in England from 6am on Wednesday.

It will apply to any location that is open past 1am; indoor halls for more than 500 people; outdoor rooms without seats with more than 4,000 people; and any room with more than 10,000 people.

Originally, unvaccinated people would have been banned. But Boris Johnson has announced a compromise in which they will be able to take a lateral flow test and view the result, either via the NHS app or via text or email from the NHS testing service.

But more than 70 Tory MPs are reportedly set to vote against the Plan B measures, which also include the retrospective approval of face mask laws in England which began on Friday.

Mr Fysh told BBC Radio 5 Live: “We live in a free society in this country.

“A ‘papers please’ society is an authoritarian state that we should all absolutely resist.”

He got embroiled in a row with presenter Rachel Burden, who suggested people want the “freedom of not getting infected”.

He replied, “Listen, we are very well vaccinated in this country. It is a great success. People have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies and the freedom of association.

“We’re not a ‘papers please’ society,” said Marcus Fysh, who backed forcing voters to show ID at polling stations


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“And if you want to undo those things, you’re not fit to work for the BBC in my opinion.”

Ms Burden replied ‘that’s quite a personal statement’, and she was ‘just putting forward the case that many of our listeners have’ that they don’t want to go to a pub if they are at risk.

Mr. Fysh replied, “Well, don’t go. Don’t go then. You don’t tell others what to do with their bodies. Sorry, don’t.

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